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Upcoming Webinars

Posted by Jaime Raphael Licauco, CISSP, GSEC on July 23, 2009

IT Governance Free Webinars will be giving the following free 1 hour webinars:

July 23 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Mastering ISO27001
July 30 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Data Protection Act Webinar
Aug 06 Thu 11 PM Phil Time IT Governance Webinar
Aug 13 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Leadership in a Difficult Climate
Aug 20 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Best Practice Business Continuity Management
Aug 27 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Green IT in Practice

BSI America will be giving the following free 1 hour webinars:

July 24   Fri   1AM Phil Time      What Does it Cost to Implement a Management System?
Aug 6     Thu 1AM Phil Time      BSI Launches New Version of Entropy™ Software*
Aug 7     Fri   1AM Phil Time      Implementing International Supply Chain Security Throughout Operations
Aug 13   Thu 1AM Phil Time      7 Steps to Improving your Business Case for Management System Software
Aug 21   Fri   1AM Phil Time      CMDCAS for Medical Device Manufacturers
*Entropy is BSI’s Management Systems Software

Gartner Free Webinars

July 29 Wed 9AM US EDT    Use IT to Drive Savings in Your Business
July 29 Wed 10AM US EDT  Spend Less Get More Secure
July 29 Wed 12PM US EDT   Use IT to Drive Savings in Your Business
July 29 Wed 1PM US EDT    Spend Less Get More Secure
Aug 12 Wed 3PM Sydney Time How to Modernize IT While on a Budget

Note: Some of the above links were first posted in the InfoSec Philippines Facebook Page by its members or the author.

Site News

Updated the Whitepapers and References Links Page to include Securosis.


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Info Sec News: Nov 18, 2008

Posted by Jaime Raphael Licauco, CISSP, GSEC on November 18, 2008

BBC Click on Biometrics

A few weeks ago BBC News Click published How biometrics could change security. The week after, they then published, “The pitfalls of biometric systems“.

Since its somewhat related to physical security, A UK fingerprint developer can read a letter from its envelope.

More news about the keyboard electromagnetic sniffing that was making the news last month:

  • From The Register Swiss boffins sniff passwords from (wired) keyboards 65 feet away
  • From BBC Keyboard sniffers to steal data
  • Video on keyboard sniffing from the very people that did the experiment can be found at COMPROMISING ELECTROMAGNETIC EMANATIONS OF WIRED KEYBOARDS.

  • The Register gives a tutorial on encrypting e-mails in, “Still sending naked email? Get your protection here“.

    Pretty sad that a UK Anti-Fraud site has crashed due to DDOS attack.

    The popular and free AVG Anti-virus has once again identified a trojan that isn’t one.

    A Vulnerability has also been discovered in the SSH Specification.

    The New York Times reports that Privacy Laws Trip Up Google’s Expansion in Parts of Europe

    The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Secrecy blog, reports that terrorists can presumably use twitter, instant messaging, etc. The article Spy Fears: Twitter Terrorists, Cell Phone Jihadists by Noah Shachtman on Wired talks about it more.

    If you’re interested on the pdf exploit (also see below in other news), Didier Steven’s Blog, talks about Shoulder Surfing a Malicious PDF Author.

    Other News:

  • Email ruse uses Federal Reserve Bank name to drop PDF exploit
  • Cybercrime expected to ramp during holiday season
  • New attack targeting Windows Mobile phones
  • Apple issues 11 security updates for Safari browser
  • How Outsourced Call Centers Are Costing Millions In Identity Theft
  • Although somewhat unrelated, InfoSec Professionals might also be interested in this article on airport security, The Things He Carried

  • White paper on Designing and implementing malicious hardware presented at the LEET ’08

    White Hat World Webinar on 10 Reasons your Existing SIEM Sucks! This will be held on Thursday, November 20, 2008 4:00 am Philippine time.

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