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Annual Security Reports, Part 1

Posted by Jaime Raphael Licauco, CISSP, GSEC on January 24, 2010

Annual Report Pandalabs 2009
Topics include:
2009 in figures
The year at a glance (Web 2.0, Blackhat SEO Techniques, Cyberwar)
Threats in 2009 (The profitability of rogueware, Banker Trojans, Conficker)
Main vulnerabilities in 2009
Trends in 2010

Download the full report here

Ernst & Young’s 12th annual global information security survey

Key survey findings include (taken Verbatim from the report):

Managing risks
– Improving information security risk management is top security priority for the next year.
– External and internal attacks are increasing.
– Reprisals from recently separated employees have become a major concern.

Addressing challenges
– Availability of skilled information security resources is the greatest challenge to effectively delivering information security initiatives.
– Despite most organizations maintaining current spending on information security, adequate budget is still a significant challenge to delivering security initiatives.
– Security training and awareness programs are falling short of expectations.

Complying with regulations
– Regulatory compliance continues to be an important driver for information security.
– Cost compliance remains high, with few companies planning to spend less in the next 12 months.
– Too few organizations have taken the necessary steps to protect personal information.

Leveraging technology
– Implementing DLP technologies is the top security priority for many organizations.
– The lack of endpoint encryption remains a key risk with few companies encrypting laptops or desktop computers.
– Virtualization and cloud computing are gaining greater adoption, but few companies are considering the information security implications.

Download the full report here

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