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Turn your Netbook into a Security Cam

Posted by Daniel Tumalad on November 9, 2009

“Pugad Lawin” (Hawk’s Nest) is a simple application that turns your winxp netbook (or any box with a webcam) into a security camera. You can watch your home or your office while you’re not there.

Click here to download (source included)

[Note: the executable file is only 25 kilobytes because it was coded in masm32 and it opens a port (80-HTTP) for its web interface. It does not contain any trojan or malware]



Quick setup:
1. Run PL.EXE
2. Choose a password
3. Choose unblock when prompted by your firewall
4. Access your webcam by opening a browser-> (It would be easier if you have DDNS)

*Requires a little config if you are behind a router/fw.

You can do plenty of “fun” stuff with this (e.g., wireless cctv, baby monitor+iphone). It’s up to the limits of your imagination, but do remember to behave. 😀

Thanks to alex, x.solis and the stare (blackberry test) for their feedbacks. This is my first time to code again in a very long time, please report if you find any bugs. 😀

[Alpha 0.2: Fixed auth-bypass bug found by sujiru]


4 Responses to “Turn your Netbook into a Security Cam”

  1. sujiru said

    auth bypass

  2. Daniel Tumalad said

    wow that was quick. thank you sujiru, i will try to fix this as soon as i can 😀


    daniel tumalad

  3. cctv program

  4. ocean said

    cool! i should try this at home!

    ..wait, i dont have a netbook..

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