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Upcoming Webinars

Posted by Jaime Raphael Licauco, CISSP, GSEC on July 23, 2009

IT Governance Free Webinars will be giving the following free 1 hour webinars:

July 23 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Mastering ISO27001
July 30 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Data Protection Act Webinar
Aug 06 Thu 11 PM Phil Time IT Governance Webinar
Aug 13 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Leadership in a Difficult Climate
Aug 20 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Best Practice Business Continuity Management
Aug 27 Thu 11 PM Phil Time Green IT in Practice

BSI America will be giving the following free 1 hour webinars:

July 24   Fri   1AM Phil Time      What Does it Cost to Implement a Management System?
Aug 6     Thu 1AM Phil Time      BSI Launches New Version of Entropy™ Software*
Aug 7     Fri   1AM Phil Time      Implementing International Supply Chain Security Throughout Operations
Aug 13   Thu 1AM Phil Time      7 Steps to Improving your Business Case for Management System Software
Aug 21   Fri   1AM Phil Time      CMDCAS for Medical Device Manufacturers
*Entropy is BSI’s Management Systems Software

Gartner Free Webinars

July 29 Wed 9AM US EDT    Use IT to Drive Savings in Your Business
July 29 Wed 10AM US EDT  Spend Less Get More Secure
July 29 Wed 12PM US EDT   Use IT to Drive Savings in Your Business
July 29 Wed 1PM US EDT    Spend Less Get More Secure
Aug 12 Wed 3PM Sydney Time How to Modernize IT While on a Budget

Note: Some of the above links were first posted in the InfoSec Philippines Facebook Page by its members or the author.

Site News

Updated the Whitepapers and References Links Page to include Securosis.


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Information Security Career Links

Posted by Jaime Raphael Licauco, CISSP, GSEC on July 22, 2009

There has been increasing interest in InfoSec Jobs possibly due to the following:
ISC2’s InfoSecurity Professional Magazine for Winter 2008 stated that CISSPs are needed in Japan due to J-SOX. Japan also has around 60% of the world’s ISMS (ISO 27001) implementations due to the demise of the “Secure Information Systems Accreditation Scheme for Information-Processing Service Companies” in March 2001.

Yahoo’s Hotjobs recently had an article stating that the most lucrative job due to Obama’s stimulus plan is being a Computer Security Specialist.

The worldwide Information Security Surveys conducted by at least 2 of the big 4 Audit firms, stated that regardless of the worldwide financial crisis, the majority of survey respondents will either maintain or increase security spending.

The more the worldwide recession continues, the more financial motivation there is for cyber criminals, and therefore companies will want to protect their assets even more. Think about it, if you have a lot of cash in your person, you’ll more likely think of security in the bad part of town than in the posh side.*

But before you think about trying out a job in InfoSec, you might want to check out the following links:
(Search Security) How to find Jobs in Information Security – also links to the 6 part Information Security Leaders: Careers podcast series

(Securology) So You Think You Want a Job in Computer Security

Donald Donzal’s DIY Career in Ethical Hacking Presentation, and MP3 (27 MB). – This is the longer, R-rated version that was given on Oct 31, 2008 at Chicago Con. If you would like the shorter (and what he calls the Disney) version presented at the SANS What Works in Pen Testing Summit earlier in 2008, you can find the mp3 and presentation here.

(Search Security) An Introduction to Information Security Career Advisor

Hack Your Own Information Security Career

( Information Security – All about Information Security in IT

PaulDotCom Podcast 159 – Where the Information Security Leaders website founders Lee Kushner and Mike Murray are interviewed.

Art of Information Security interviews Lee Kushner Part 1 and Part 2.

(NY Times) So You Want to Be a Cybersleuth?

10 Dos and Don’ts for Security Job Interviews

Job Seekers: Get Ready for the ‘Character’ Interview

The Security Certification Directory

*Of course not all InfoSec jobs in the ongoing recession are (excuse the pun) secure. If you are currently an InfoSec professional, and are concerned because of lower revenues or job cuts in your company, you might want to read, the articles “How to prepare for a layoff or ‘career incident’” and “Surviving Layoffs: Five Career Lessons from the Security Trenches“.

Note: Some of the above links were first posted in the InfoSec Philippines Facebook Page by its members and the author.

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Mostly CA Links on Lean IT

Posted by Jaime Raphael Licauco, CISSP, GSEC on July 22, 2009

The “CA Advisor” (which is the Security Management Newsletter of CA) for April 2009, has a bunch of articles on Lean IT.

Notable articles in the Newsletter are:
CA’s RSA Keynote Explores Transformation of Identity and Access Management

Make IT Leaner with Identity-Centric Data Loss Prevention

Q&A: The Future of Role and Compliance Management

How Lean IT Can Maximize Value and Minimize Cost

White Papers
The Case for Lean IT
Lean has been successfully applied to domains beyond manufacturing, including to enterprise IT

Masters of Lean IT
Learn how 3 visionary IT executives maximized value and minimized waste

Gartner – Cost Cutting While Improving Security March 2008

Gartner – Managing IT Risks During Cost-Cutting Periods Oct 2008

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