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Anonymization Sites and Devices

Posted by Jaime Raphael Licauco, CISSP, GSEC on January 15, 2009

Disclaimer: Some of the following info comes from a very informative Microsoft SCP seminar I attended around two months ago. So not all below come from my research.

There’s a good article on Anonymous Surfing at and one should take heed of that authors advice that, “Not all proxy servers do as they claim and in fact, there are a ton of junk proxy servers out there that give people a false sense of security or worse, record everything you do in hopes to score a password or two!”

Anyway there are a bunch of freely available Anonymization Services on the web like:
Anonymous Web Browser
Guardster Free Web Proxy
Megaproxy (limited, more of a demo)
Shadow Surf
the Cloak
Web Warper

The funniest of which is probably Borat Proxy 🙂

I personally use some of the sites above and they seem fine, although I cannot vouch for all. has link page to proxy sites.

Since some may suggest it and its related, Meebo (used for IM) is a proxy service but obviously not for anonymization.

You can also check out the freely available (although not the high speed version) XeroBank Browser. also allows you to download free trial software.

PortableTor is also worth checking out since it “allows you to connect into the Tor anonymous internet system from any computer with your flash or thumb drive. This allows you to browse the internet anonymously from public locations, such as internet hotspots, library, or school computers and public terminals.” Yes its also free.

And since you might already be thinking of making an Anonymization Flash Drive (The CD-R King Website lists some 8 GB flash drives for around P700), Portable Apps is also a good site.


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  1. Jaime Raphael Licauco said

    Ultra Surf Proxy

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